How Do I know If I Have An Effective SEO Campaign?

If you’re a dentist trying to find SEO Services that are a fit for your practice,  you’re probably starting to realize there is literally TONS of info on the internet to sort through. And it’s really tough to know just what advice to take. What works?  How do I find out what I really need to meet my goals?  What the heck are my goals? These are likely questions that you have.

The purpose of this post is to provide dentists with information that will be helpful in assessing the effectiveness of current or proposed SEO services.


What caused me to address this specific topic?

Recently, a client agreed to a brief SEO audit after a short conversation regarding their current SEO Campaign. Unfortunately, I found that ineffective practices were being employed by a Website/ SEO company (endorsed by a reputable dentistry organization) who was charging a few hundred dollars per month for SEO services. The price was right, but the methods used did not consist of using strong enough links to achieve results in a moderately competitive city. It is not surprising that she (the dentist) spent quite a bit of money over a long period of time as a result of the trust instilled by their quite reputable connection. If you’ve had this type of experience, you’re not alone. So let me jump right into this and explain to you what questions you should ask to any SEO company.

  • Question #1: Can you please provide me an itemized list of exactly what you’re charging me for? used-car-salesman

Do you know exactly what your current SEO service provider is doing? You should, and it should be no mystery to you. If there is anything you do not understand, your SEO service provider should be able to answer any questions you have. A good SEO understands the importance his clients comprehending at least the most important things taking place.

  •  Question #2: What is your Strategy and what Short Term Tactics will you be using?

If you have agreed to a long term SEO contract, make sure you know what the main goals are and what strategies are being used. It is not uncommon for people to continue to pay over $1000/month because their site is highly ranked for quality keywords. Keep in mind that ist is very possible to retain a top ranking position without doing anything! I tell clients on a regular basis, who are in less competitive markets, that it is quite possible that a lower level of maintenance is necessary once you’ve hit #1. Your SEO should be able to provide an itemized strategy according to a timeline for you, along with past, present, and future goals being referenced.

  • Question #3: Can you give me a list of the links you’ve built and explain their quality?

Did you know that approximately 70% of Organic SEO ranking success is attributed to the number and quality of links that are going to your site? The big company I referenced above, again– endorsed by a dental organization all dentists know– was building links from mediocre directories and doing free online press releases once every 3 months. That is not effective SEO. The plain truth is that it takes some real juice to rank highly in competitive markets. Effective link building is executed by looking at your competition’s links and creating links to your site that are better. Period.

  • Question #4: What keywords are we currently ranked for and which ones do you intend to go after?

As the practice owner, you should know which keywords are important in your market, which you rank for, and which ones you need to. Your SEO should not only be recommending the best keywords according to objective information, they should be making sure you’re in the loop on this.

  • Question #5: How do I compare to my Competition in Google Maps and in Organic Search Rankings?

Organic Search Rankings and Google My Business Rankings (often called the “3-pack”, “Maps”, or the “Snack Pack”) are 2 separate things that require 2 separate plans of attack. If this is not being considered, here’s your sign! (Yes, it is a comical reference). In addition, there are many objective factors that need to be considered when it comes to looking at your competition, and if you’re not being filled in on solid numbers and statistics, you should make an effort to get this information.

  • Question #6: Can you provide reports that show my site’s progress?

SEO is not an overnight thing. Results sometimes go backward in the first 3 months, but after the 4 month mark there are not many cases that shouldn’t show a steady forward progress in rankings and/or traffic. In many local SEO cases, I have been fortunate to obtain first page rankings in under 3 months. But for the competitive markets, it’s normally a long-haul kind of situation.

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