Hosting Packages

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One-time Payment for the Year
Only recommended if you do not want a maintenance plan and do not want to take advantage of the monthly blog bonus
This plan DOES NOT include monthly edits, a monthly blog, health monitoring, or traffic reports
Due Upon Site Launch
Includes one-time hosting setup fee
Includes Hosting for the first year
Edits are $25 per 1/2 hour
per month
A $145 Value - Save $66
(does not include Health & Traffic Monitoring)
*Includes (1) Blog Post per month!
Includes 1.5 hrs of edits/ development per month
Includes initial hosting setup
Includes Monthly Hosting
*No contract necessary, just a 6 month minimum verbal commitment
(Major edits or time beyond 1.5 hrs of Edits are $25 per 1/2 hour)
Health & Traffic Monitoring
per month
Addon for Hosting Plan #1
This is an addon option available for those that choose Hosting Plan #1 (strongly recommended)
RPM monitors your site health and search engine visibility rankings
Will fix/report issues/concerns in these areas
Google Analytics monitoring
Google Webmaster Tools monitoring
Helpful Report emailed to you on the 1st of every month!

Choosing the Right Hosting Plan

It’s my goal to be as accommodating as possible. Whether you’re hands on or hands off, here’s some direction and tips that may help you:

  • I’ve included a BONUS BLOG POST¬†with the Silver & Gold packages. The value of a monthly blog is significant- the search engines will view your website as more authoritative if you publish content regularly. I frequently see dental site rankings slip away slowly due to stagnancy. At the same time, those that publish unique content slowly make their way UP the rankings!
  • If you’d like to see monthly reports on your site’s traffic and have piece of mind that your site’s health is at optimum levels, choose a plan that includes the Health & Traffic Monitoring. These reports are emailed to you on the 1st of every month. Easy to read with a short commentary on any sudden loss (or gain) in traffic, etc.
  • If you would like to have¬†changes to your site regularly, it would be best to opt for one of the plans that include site edits; it is at a discounted rate.
  • Ala carte edits are $25 per 1/2 hour (if you do not have a hosting plan that includes edits).