Getting New Patients
Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Dentists shouldn’t have a hard time finding answers to questions such as: “What marketing items are actually going to bring me new patients?” and “How much should I be spending to get new patients?” But with all the information out there, salesmen are telling you one thing, your colleagues another… who do you listen to? The answer is not complicated after all the marketing fluff is removed.

Give us a call and we’ll discuss the 3 main ways we leverage online marketing to get you an abundant steady stream of new patients, how many patients you can expect, and how long it takes for each. We’ll also discuss cost information and answer any other questions you may have.

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rpm-logoc is Unique for a Few Reasons…

Our clients feel bad because we do too much. We combine cutting edge technology with beautiful custom designs… for a cost less than our competitors. We enjoy educating our clients as we serve them.

Here’s what we do well:

Website Design

RPM Dental websites are custom-built with one purpose in mind: to acquire and retain patients. Our winning formula consists of 1) a Beautiful Design 2) SEO Optimized 3) Strategic Marketing. All of our sites are responsive design, which means they adapt to mobile and tablets.

Search Engine Optimization

RPM Dental are Certified SEO Professionals. All of your SEO is done in-house. That means we’ll provide an itemized list of exactly what has been done and what we’re doing next. We offer a FREE SEO AUDIT & MARKETING CONSULTATION with no obligation.

Pay Per Click

Achieve immediate listings in first-page search engine results for target dental keywords. Since consumers search locally for dentists, RPM Dental PPC campaigns are geo-targeted to your web pages and focus on the dental services you offer


A great way to stay on top of the search engines while providing useful information to your patients is by blogging regularly. We’ll create informative content while broadcasting your business and services.

Email Marketing

What is interesting to RPM Dental is that we find dental practices do this the least, even though it is proven to have the highest R.O.I. of all. Market to your existing patients to not only get them back in the door, but get them referring their friends and family with Email Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Within the first 6 months the typical RPM customer sees a 330% increase in Facebook fans, 500% increase in Twitter followers, 244% increase in Foursquare check-ins and 61% increase in monthly Yelp traffic. We also film, edit, & produce engaging Youtube videos that your customers will love.